English Menu

Selection of mixed cold cuts 12,50€
Selection of cheeses 13,50€

Grilled Camembert cheese with green salad & caramel port wine 9,50€
Parisian fresh onion soup 9,00€
Poached eggs in red wine sauce with mushrooms and Foie Gras 10,00€
Véritable saladier Lyonnais
(beef mouth with vinaigrette, lentils, potatoes & pork sausage)

Goat cheese salad in crispy bread with provencal herbs 9,50€
Homemade Foie Gras with figs marmelade 18,00€
Salade Lyonnaise
(Green salad with bacon, tomato, croutons & poached eggs)

Pork sausage from Lyon with old fashion mustard sauce 10,00€
Snails with Parsley butter - Six
Snails with Parsley butter - A Dozen

Entrecôte steak, bearnaise sauce22,50€
Roasted chicken with crayfish sauce16,00€
Raw beef tartare steak made our way16,50€
Duck breast with red fruits sauce18,50€
Boeuf Bourguignon
(beef stew with wine sauce, carrots, mushrooms and onions)

Black pork sausage with mashed potatoes and apples16,00€
Cheeseburger with fresh french fries (add Foie Gras +4€)16,50€
Crumbed tripes in Gribiche sauce18,00€

Baked fresh salmon filet with lemon & dill28,00€
Grilled Daurade with lemon estorié22,00€
Dumpling pike in creamy lobster sauce18,00€
Frog legs with parsely butter18,00€

Saint-Marcellin affiné8,50€
Cottage cheese (nature, honey, red fruits sauce)5,00€
Cervelle des Canuts
(fromage blanc seasoned with chopped herbs & shallots)

Pink praline pie8,00€
Tiramisu of the moment8,00€
French toast with caramelized bananas8,00€
Hot chocolate cake with English cream8,00€
Dessert of the day8,00€
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